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What to wear: Winter Guide

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If you happened to miss pictures in the fall, that’s ok! Pictures in the winter can turn out just as beautiful, even if there’s no snow. But if there is a fresh layer of snow, then lucky us!

I love this family's look, especially with the blues, which match just right with the green trees in the background. The pop of color on mom adds such a nice touch. It's perfect for a Christmas card, but it's great for all season long, too, because their outfits aren't specific to Christmas colors.

Even though it's a "capsule wardrobe" suggestion, these are two outfits are great for winter pictures as well. I love the casual, yet dressy feel of the two suggestions. The top one has some pretty bold color options if you're feeling that "bold feeling." The bottom outfits are a bit more subtle but no less good looking.

Image source: Everyday Savvy

Here's an option that's a bit more dressy with tie, heels, and vest. I've seen some amazing dressy winter pictures, even with heels, although I wouldn't recommend them!

Oh my goodness I love the colors in this one, and especially the hat for dad. My husband as a hat just like this and he is the THE cutest in it (insert heart-eye emoji). I like this suggestion too because of the jackets and other warm accessories to help during a really cold session. Jackets can be really cute and not as drab, but thank goodness for accessories to spruce up a boring jacket.

I love the mix of red and green in this one. It would be perfect for Christmas, but works during any other time during winter. Plus I just love that plaid scarf for mom.

I love this super casual suggestion with the stripes, different textures and pops of reds. The little toddler outfit looks sooooo warm!

This final suggestion is perfect for an engagement or couples session, or maybe serve as a starting point for a family session. It's casual but the sweater plus fur vest looks so fun with the necklace.

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your next winter session outfit!

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