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What virus? You're the boss

If you are an expecting mom or dad during this time of uncertainty and unknowns, my heart goes out to you.

After months of planning and organizing, your birth plans might have been thrown out the window because of COVID-19, especially if you choose a hospital birth. I recognize you won’t have your full support team there, but you can still have the birth you’ve always wanted.

Using a rebozo in labor

If you’re choosing a hospital birth during this time, here are some tips and links to help you do things that lie in your power:

  1. Educate yourself - there are lots of childbirth classes on YouTube, but I found this one to be the most helpful. Holliday Tyson adds a bit of humor and makes things simple. She doesn’t talk down to you and makes the class engaging. Take a look.

  2. Labor at home as much as possible. There, you can have whomever you want to help you and be in the most comfortable place you can be.

  3. When at the hospital, ask the nurses to help give counterpressure. They know how and if they’re not busy, they would be more than willing to help.

  4. Check out what different kinds of pain management you should add to your toolkit. Rebecca Dekker from Evidence Based Birth has a whole series of pain management techniques on YouTube. Watch and choose some to practice with your partner.

  5. Gather items to make the labor room more calming. This video by doula Bridget Teyler has some great tips on making a room the best environment possible for labor to keep progressing.

  6. Relax! Say a prayer, meditate, repeat an affirmation or two or better yet, come up with your own. Get in the right headspace that you need to prepare yourself for the upcoming marathon and miracle that birth is. Rebecca Dekker uploaded a relaxation session on YouTube a few days ago that can help bring calm and peace to your soul.

My doula friend Kayla Geddes came up with these beautiful birth affirmations that you can download and print for free.

Many doulas are also offering their services virtually at a discounted cost. Check out what that entails and if it will benefit you.

A labor ball can help provide relief from contractions.

I am hoping these tips will help you have the best birth you can have despite the circumstances. You are more than the circumstances. You are strong. You are capable, and the answer lies within you. Trust your instinct and go with your gut.

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