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Precipitous Birth of Baby Girl, Intermountain Utah Valley Regional Hospital, Provo, Utah

Birth can be crazy, and when you have four kids, you just don’t know what to expect from numero cinco.

That’s what happened with Mandee who went from being a 4 to complete in half an hour. I was still stuck in Saturday mid-morning traffic on my way to the hospital, getting updates from doula Dani Reed of Mind Over Maternity. It was painful to get each text that told me of the fast progression, but there was nothing I could do. 

I was so happy for Mandee that it was a fast labor, but devasted when I arrived in the delivery room and baby had already been whisked off the NICU for evaluation and treatment. 

I stayed and chatted with Mandee, the nurses, Dani and her assistant doulas who were there for training. It was a lively group, and we all enjoyed Dani’s antics with the mesh panties. When you’re hanging around a bunch of sleep-deprived birth workers, you never know what you’ll get! But we all had a few laughs, and Mandee loved telling her story and joking with me about missing it. 

My contract states that I will offer additional sessions in the rare occasion of missing the birth when it’s my fault (either a Fresh 48 or newborn session). I told Mandee that I would love to take newborn pictures of her baby daughter with her other children. 

So a few weeks later, we gathered at a beautiful park up Provo Canyon and I got to meet the rest of her crew! They were so fun to be with and had such varying personalities. 

It felt awful to miss the birth, but I’m glad I could make it up to my client to make her happy.

Every birth is vastly different and of course unpredictable, but I will make every effort to be there.

Have you ever had a fast, precipitous birth? Tell us about it in the comments!

Doulas: Dani Reed, Mind Over Maternity, Aimee Denney, Dearly Loved Doula, and Olivia Henderson

Hospital: Intermountain Utah Valley Regional Hospital

OB: Dr. Nance

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