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This picture tells you everything you need to know about this fun loving family. But first, let me tell you about Kelli.

Finding a place and time to workout has not always been easy for me. But this summer, I met this amazing group of women led by an equally amazing woman named Kelli. She is our personal trainer, but she's more than that. She inspires us to push ourselves, reminds us that we are strength, and works us to the core. She is funny, kind, quirky and sweet.

I met Kelli’s family for the first time on this photo shoot. They are the funniest group of kids - the oldest being 17 and the youngest 8. Austin is interested in making movies, especially hand drawn animation like Disney used to do. CJ and Jackson are the sporty ones and Roxy is the raddest little 8 year old girl I know. She has got spunk, and I’m told my almost 3 year old is so similar to how she was at that age.

Kelli met Roger at the gym and share similar interests in taking care of their health and playing hard outside.

One thing I admired just from the small interactions I saw during the session, this family is close-knit. The kids were laughing and making jokes, they weren’t mean to each other and didn’t put each other down or make fun of each other. They shared inside jokes and were supporting of each other in posing. They just seem to be such a united family.

They even entertained themselves running down the hill, slipping and sliding in the snow. It looked so fun, even I wanted to join them!

Aren't Kelli and Roxy so cute together? As the only girls, they have to stick together. Roxy asked specifically to have a pose with her mom with their stone necklaces touching - total girl power! They are just so sweet.

Something that I appreciate during our workouts is that Kelli tries to make them as fun as possible while still working us hard. For our Christmas Eve workout, she played random Christmas songs and whenever a key Christmas word was sung, we would have to do a particular exercise. We happened to do about a million jumping jacks because the key word for that was "Christmas." So, thanks a lot, Kelli. All sarcasm aside, I’m so lucky to improve my health under her guidance.

If you're looking for a personal trainer, Kelli is your gal!

Utah Family Photographer | Proctor Family

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