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Utah Family Photographer | Jones Family

Utah Family Photographer | Jones Family

This was the most challenging photo shoot of my short career, but it was so fun. I had 30 people and two dogs to coordinate, and don’t think for half a second I wasn’t sweating, because I was.

My sweet sweet friend Jaynelle asked if I would take her family’s extended photos as a gift for her mother in law. I was deeply honored and looked forward to the day we had set it up. It was later in the month of October and I chose Provo Canyon as the locale. It was a Friday night and people were hitting traffic as they were coming for the photo shoot. We missed some of the best lighting, but this neat family made up for it in their own radiant ways.

As we were waiting for folks to show up, I got to chat it up with the other family members and get to know them better. Phil and Nancy are the patriarch and matriarch of this clan, with mixed families here and there. They have four children and 20 grandchildren (in laws included) and two great-grandchildren. They don’t get together too often so this was a very special occasion.

I’m so blessed to know someone as sweet and aware of others as Jaynelle. I met her when I started taking my puppy to the park and she was there with her two big dogs, Puck and Talos. Milo was very intimidated by them, but eventually they became good friends and they have fun romping around together.

Jaynelle works out at the park after letting her dogs have some fun. One of the days she was working out, she invited me to join in. To my surprise, I accepted and worked out in my comfy going-to-the-park clothes. I was hooked and accepted into their tight-knit group where I’ve become good friends with all of them.

Jaynelle is just someone special. She thinks of others and does service so quickly. She loves being in nature and takes hikes weekly. I’m lucky to know her.

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