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Utah Family Photographer | Adam Family

Utah Family Photographer | Adam Family

This family is definitely not creepy or kooky (sorry, I can't help myself with a last name like that!), but a sweet family who are wonderful neighbors! They have taken care of my family a lot and watched my little dog on more than one occasion when my husband was in the hospital. I was honored that they asked me to take their family pictures.

The last time they had family pictures was 5 years ago! Since Preston is a senior and Gabby has long since graduated high school, a lot has changed! But I can't believe how awesome these siblings are - I can't even imagine them fighting. Maybe they should teach my kids about sibling relationships...

Plus, they added a new fur baby to the mix. Layla was so fun to shoot as she romped and ran around in the falling leaves.

Isn't this cockapoo just so adorable? And she is just so fluffy! She and my little beagle love playing around together.

The Adam family is very tight knit. They help support each other. Since I’ve known them, they’ve had their fair share of trials from health issues to someone stealing Cameron’s tools from his truck. Yet they’ve persevered, finding the positive in life and holding tight to one another.

This group is also very crafty. Cameron helps make Heather’s dreams realities whether it’s an updated front yard with a cute bench and sign or finishing a project like distressing a rocking chair. These two have been married for 18 years - love is the main ingredient in their marriage. Heather is our craft guru and she helped us recently with a Super Saturday crafting group. We’re so lucky to have her talent to help us out!

We took the Adam's pictures in a walkway just a street away from their house. The leaves were incredible and Preston and Gabby were more than happy to throw them in the air. They're such a fun family!

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