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Updated: Aug 24, 2018

This was a gift from a loving friend in Texas who wanted to make sure she had pictures of her babies.

I was glad to oblige.

Angela is an artist. She loves working in all different kinds of mediums: painting, photography, drawing, anything. She loves doing makeup and was working to become a makeup artist. All that changed as life became challenging.

But she did not stay down. Even though she left abusive partners, stayed in a shelter, and placed four of her children with adoptive parents, she is not one to give up easily.

As I talked with Angela and got to know her, I sensed that she does not see herself as a victim. She talks about her life like it’s one big learning experience. Even if they weren’t fun or pleasant to go through, she said that she wouldn’t be who she is without them.

Now she counts her blessings: two brand new babies, plus one in school. They are her life now. She draws upon them for strength as they are her reason to not give up. They rely on her almost as much as she relies on them.

And they are just the sweetest little treasures. After a long a difficult pregnancy, Angela got what she wished for and delivered her twins naturally at 36 weeks. Both weighed less than 5 pounds. One has dark hair like his mommy while his sister has a lighter brown hair. One has eyes that look like they could turn hazel.

As she works to get back on her feet, she’s grateful for these two little people who she can snuggle and love on. And they are just the most adorable babies; little man couldn’t get enough to eat and little sis was just as chill as could be. She would just stare at me, looking deep into my soul, still and quiet.

Angela, you are an artist still. You’ve created something beautiful that no one else could. Now they look to you in this school called life. And you are just the perfect one to help them figure it out.

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