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Sprinkled With Love: a drive-by baby shower

Much has changed since the quarantine was put into effect one month ago this week. No more parties, family gatherings or celebrations of any kind can really put a damper on things.

So when we want to celebrate a new baby’s birth, you gotta be creative. My dear friend, Dani of Mind Over Maternity Doula, is 39 weeks pregnant with her last baby - something you definitely need to celebrate! Not only that, but she had changed her birth plans at 35 weeks from hospital birth to a home birth. I'm very proud to say that I am part of her elite and amazing birth team. And there's nothing COVID-19 can do to stop that from happening.

As self-proclaimed best friend extraordinaire, I knew that this had to be good. She needed something to look forward too, as well as celebrate this huge event of having her final pregnancy.

Luckily, I had seen some examples of people doing “drive-by” showers: coming by in their cars, dropping off gifts and sending their love and well wishes from afar. It was the perfect idea! I pitched it to her and she readily agreed. 

I gathered essential information from her about her favorites: Harry Potter, Thai food, dark chocolate, henna art, actors Benedict Cumberbatch (for one), Easter, and shopping on Amazon, just to name a few. Then I invited all her closest friends with the list and the gifts did not disappoint! 

Dani sat out in a lawn chair and friends came by to say hi and drop off their gifts on a table with flowers.

From Amazon gift cards to hot chocolate and diapers to postpartum pampering items to a Harry Potter Hogwarts House baby mobile, she got some pretty neat things. But the best part for her was the chats with friends. 

Despite the sprinkling of rain that occasionally fell, we had fun sprinkling Dani with lots of love as she enters this new era of her life delivering her last baby. Good luck to Dani!

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