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IMC, Murray, Utah | Empowering Birth of Baby Boy Part 2

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It was back to sit and wait, so Jan took out Kara’s list of desires for this birth. She called it “Preston’s Creation” list. She filled it with affirmations, reminders, things she wanted to do during labor, such as being grateful and laughing. Kara was amazing and most of those things happened, or she made happen, as was in her power. 

Michelle came back around 10:40 am and checked her progress. Kara was 90 percent effaced and at a 3+. Baby was at a -1 station so he was definitely making his way down. While Michelle and Kara chatted, Michelle noticed a strong contraction and we all took in the unique shape of Kara’s belly as it went to work bringing baby closer to earth. 

At 12:15 pm, Kara’s cervix was at a 5 and super thin, but not quite completely effaced. Kara felt like things were going to happen fairly quickly, but had to “stay pregnant for 30 more minutes” while Michelle ate lunch. While Michelle was gone, another nurse prepped the table at Midwife Dia Brooks came in to talk with Kara and everyone. 

Dia is a very unique midwife in that she has Type 1 Diabetes, has a feeding tube and she’s also pregnant. But she indicated that none of that would get interfere with delivery. 

Just a little after 1 pm, baby was at a +1 station and Kara’s cervix was finally complete, except for just a little lip. Kara began pushing with Dia’s help and Will’s and Jan’s support. Preston was born with a gush of water at 1:37 pm. Kara sobbed, love pouring from her to her baby and her husband. Both Will and Laura cut the cord.

Baby Preston’s first latch was so strong, Kara’s face was in disbelief. She had struggled with some of her other children and breastfeeding and was happy to think this time would be different. After a good long nursing session, Kara donned a shirt she had made especially for this occasion. It said “And then God made a woman.” Kara said she felt like she was giving birth for the first time. She felt every contraction and said she felt reborn as a mother.

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