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Mountain Point Medical Center, Lehi, Utah, peaceful birth of baby girl on the toilet | Part 2

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The nurses didn’t realize how quickly she was progressing; when they finally checked her over an hour later, they were surprised to see she was at a 6. It was such a relief knowing she’d be admitted and able to labor more comfortably in her own room. It wasn’t long after we were in the room when Sarah moved to the bathroom. We started drawing a bath for her, but she would never use it. 

Without so much as a warning, Sarah seemed to be pushing. Dani even had to ask if she was, and Sarah nodded. All of a sudden there was a splash as the waters broke on Dani who was at Sarah’s knees giving counterpressure. Dani saw baby’s head and yelled to the nurses that she was crowning. CNM Claudia Killebrew rushed in just in time to catch the baby. 

It was fast and furious and everyone was in shock as to what had happened. I think the nurses were in denial about how fast Sarah progressed because she was so calm about it and entered transition with hardly a peep. She pushed maybe twice, and her baby was out. We all cheered as Sarah cuddled her sweet baby, studying each of her features.

Just after the placenta was delivered, I had the honor of cutting the cord for my friend and her baby. It was a first for me, and I’ll never forget it!

Claudia couldn't help but joke about Sarah giving birth on the toilet. She said it reminded her of the movie "The Man Who Knew Too Little" with Bill Murray when he says "She went to the loo. By herself." Granted, Claudia was at the end of her shift of being on call and was a bit tired but we all laughed in spite of the joke.

We talked and laughed about the events as Sarah and Gary took turns cuddling their newest baby, the youngest of 5. The sun was just starting to lighten the room as a new day was dawning.

I loved the rush of things! It was exhilarating, capturing every step of the labor and then the crowning achievement of delivery the beautiful baby girl. This story will be told over and over, and I got to document it.

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