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Mountain Point Medical Center, Lehi, Utah, peaceful birth of baby girl on the toilet | Part 1

When your last baby was born in the car en route to the hospital, you make sure that doesn’t happen again. My friend Sarah was extra cautious with this fifth pregnancy and called me and doula Dani Reed of Mind Over Maternity early on in labor because she thought things could pick up quickly.

We arrived around 2:30, and Sarah had been laboring already for about an hour or so. Her mom was there and husband Gary was timing the contractions. Sarah had taken castor oil the night before and spent a lot of time laboring on the toilet. We finally decided things were getting more intense and to leave for the hospital. Right before we left, Sarah’s mom made her a chamomile and peppermint tea to warm her up.

It was only a 20 minute drive in the early morning hours to Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi. As Sarah went to check in, she had to stop every so often as the waves of contractions came and went. She handled each one with ease and grace. Sarah elected to walk up the stairs and we followed her, amazed at her relaxed, easy-going manner. 

She smiled at the nurses and handed them all the necessary paperwork, then they led us to the triage room where she was checked. Her cervix was at a three plus so they said she needed to stay there. For the next hour, Sarah and her wonderful support team (husband Gary and Dani) worked through each contraction, moving between sitting on the labor ball, sitting on the toilet, and kneeling on the bed supported by the ball. 

Sarah was clad in a bright pink robe she brought specifically for transition. “I get cold during transition,” she told me smiling. As the triage room was chilly and with the tea long gone and the robe not cutting it, I went to get her something warm. I came back with some warm chicken broth, which helped as she entered transition.

Read here for Part 2.

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