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Utah Family Photographer | Olson Family

Utah Family Photographer | Olson Family

I had an inkling that I would need extra help during this session. It was cold and rainy, and I would be photographing three young children, the oldest being 5. Looking around my house, I saw some Santa hats that hadn’t been destroyed by my dog and fruit snacks. Perfect. I felt ready.

Luckily for me, we’ve been friends for a while - about 3 years! I took some maternity pictures of Heather for practice and then newborn pictures of her youngest, just this past March. Her daughter is in my second son’s kindergarten class. And we just had dinner at their house, where we had a lively discussion about books and authors, including, but not limited to Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Brandon Sanderson and Richard Paul Evans.

As I fretted about getting good enough pictures of her children, Heather calmed my fears saying she knew what she was going to get would be good enough and that kids are kids. Phew.

Alice was no problem at all, hamming it up for the camera. I played chase with her and snapped pictures as she giggled and tried to get away. It was so fun! Lincoln wasn’t bad either and we got some great shots of his baby blues and he showered us with his less-than-toothy smiles. Emmett was the challenge. Although the fruit snacks and Santa hat did work, it didn’t last long and he was pretty done within our 30 minutes at the place. But we still got some good shots of him, making us all wonder if he could be a Calvin Klein model.

Alice had fun with the Santa hat and climbing a tree that looked like Shel Silverstein’s giving tree. That made Emmett’s eyes light up when he realized that it did indeed look like the giving tree. It makes my heart happy to hear that these children are so familiar with a classic story such as that one.

All in all, we had a fun time in the rain and the family did fabulous.

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