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Now and Then

We have a growth chart for our kids that I keep forgetting to update. Another birthday passes and I still haven’t marked how tall they are. They remind me on some obscure day, but the OCD in me wants to do it around their birthday… and then I forget again.

Marking changes in growth is so important! We do it with each baby, to make sure he or she is following the curve and growing like they should be.

If you’re anything like me, seeing change may not always be easy. Sometimes, growth is imperceptible and happens over a longer period of time. I think that’s how it should be; no real growth happens overnight.

As a photographer, it's taken me literally years and I'm still honing my craft.

My first time with a camera was when I was almost 8 years old, on a family trip to Holland. My parents gave me a point and shoot and I had a blast. I took pictures of the people there, interesting flowers, animals, and of course windmills. Unfortunately, if I didn’t tell you what they were, you wouldn’t be able to discern what the subject is! They are out of focus and some people have no heads. It’s quite cute, my attempt then.

The first family I took photos of were for my wonderful friend April. I had had my DSLR for less than a year and really wanted to get into photography. It wasn’t the right time, but I was glad for friends to practice on.

Then, circa 2014

Now, I take pictures like this. I understand better light and shadow, angles and prompts.

Now, 2018

Soft light, captured emotion, lovely tones, shadows barely there are what make a beautiful image.

My very first newborn session was with my darling niece. Posed newborns is such a hard thing to do! I decided I really enjoyed the lifestyle part of photography, especially with newborns.

Then, circa 2015

Now, I do this.

Capturing the tuck of the baby and mom's gentle touch speaks to me. It shows how the baby truly is as they learn to live outside the womb.

My very first birth was of my nephew and it was a c-section. I got lucky with lots of bright light and little action.

Now I live for the low light, the action and unpredictability. I know where to stand and that I can move around, as long as I'm not in anyone's way. I bounce a flash off the ceiling to help in low light situations. I trust my instincts on what will be a good shot and take it.

This was a good exercise for me to go back and look how I did. It's not embarrassing because I had to start somewhere. I'm so glad for what I have learned that has made me a better photographer. I can't wait to learn more and get even better!

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