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Mind Over Maternity - Birth Doula

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Dani Reed of Mind Over Maternity spent almost 60 hours total with two different clients in two weeks. Both were first time moms and both were induced. Although one led to a c-section, she was there every step of the way for both. Both were so grateful to her for her coaching and support.

Dani was my first introduction to doulas. And she’s made a darn good impression on me. Although she hasn’t been a doula for very long, she is on the fast track to becoming one of the top doulas in Utah County.

“I just love Dani,” said Claudia Killebrew, C.N.M. at Valley Women’s Health. Claudia said how she and the rest of the American Fork Midwife Group want to involve Dani more with their clients. Claudia and others are quick to recommend her to clients who inquire about a doula or mention need for extra support.

Doulas are becoming more and more mainstream as part of the birth team. I never even thought of having one at any of my births because that wasn’t my thing. I didn’t think I was “crunchy” enough for one. Now I know that crunch has nothing to do with needing extra support.

If you’re wondering what a doula is, think of birth coach, labor assistant, cheerleader, superwoman. A more precise definition is this: a woman who is trained to provide support to women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and the period of time following birth. Dani is all this and more.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dani for over three years. We are next door neighbors; when we first moved in, Dani came right over and introduced herself and brought some homemade chocolate goodies for us. She is personable and most importantly, very knowledgeable about childbirth and everything surrounding it.

Dani’s always had a passion for all things medical, but since 17, she has had a proficiency for pregnancy and childbirth.

From her website, Dani says: “As a passionate birth worker, I am happy to help people to achieve their birth goals, whatever they may be. Epidural, med-free, induction, VBAC, Cesarian, high risk, I do it all. One of my favorite parts of being a doula is helping people make informed, educated decisions, so I love questions. My goal as a doula is to bridge the gap between the medical and holistic worlds, and offer education and support for every birthing woman who wants it.”

Dani is the perfect balance of medical and holistic and her training shows it. I’ve been with her for three different births, not including her own, which was an honor, in and of itself. With each birth I witnessed her quiet strength, support, and love for each of them. She was not afraid, though, to stand up for the wishes of her client. Two of those births that she was doula at, she was in the later part of her pregnancy but that did not affect her ability to support and help each client.

I highly recommend Dani at Mind Over Maternity. She will help you achieve your birth goals and will leave you feeling like a goddess.

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