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Why should I hire a birth photographer?

As soon as the “positive” appears on that pregnancy test, the planning begins.

Where should I deliver?

Who should I have at my birth?

Should I have a doula?

Midwife or OB?

Should I have a birth photographer?

Let me help you with that last one: yes.

{Smiley face}

Images are powerful. When words aren’t enough, you show a picture. They evoke emotion, memories, healing, comfort, connection and much more.

Think back to when you first received your wedding pictures: didn’t you just obsess over them, reliving each moment, or laughing at a particular memory of when Uncle Bob gave his drunken toast or Aunt Hilda left the lipstick on your new husband’s cheek? Did you cry (again) when you see the picture of your dad dancing with you at the reception or the way your new husband looked at you with complete and utter adoration? Did you just thank God that you spent the money on a talented photographer who captured everything about that beautiful day perfectly?

If that day was important to you, what you do you think about the day your children are born? You’ll want to look back on that day. The day you met one of the most important people in your life. You’ll want to remember the labor, how hard it was, how long it was, how amazing the epidural was and that you could get some sleep.

You’ll want your partner’s full attention on you. He will want to focus on supporting you, squeezing your hand reassuringly or applying counter pressure. He’ll want to hear what the nurses, doctor or midwife, and doula will have to say and to guide him on what to do. He won’t want to do anything but take care of you and make sure that baby comes earth side safe and sound.

I asked a few former clients to share some reasons why they were grateful they had a birth photographer at their birth. These are their responses:

From Katelyn Gonzalez “Everything happened so fast with the birth, and so much was going on that there was no way I could actually remember it all. But these pictures help me to look back on and cherish that day any time that I want. Also there were a lot of behind the scenes moments that I wouldn't have even seen if I hadn't had a birth photographer there!”

From Erin Carothers

“I feel like when I am in labor I go to ‘birthing land’ mentally and it's hard to keep track of all the events that happen when I'm so focused on contractions. There are a lot of behind the scenes stuff I miss. Especially those with my husband and midwife helping through labor. Also, I love that first moment meeting my daughter was captured for me to remember forever.”

From Dani Reed

“I loved seeing my support team in action. And being able to see what happened when I was focusing and in the birth fog helped me piece it together so I could process my experience, which was huge.”

From Larkin Green

"Yes! I’m so grateful I had photos taken, especially because everything was a blur with Esther being taken to the nursery shortly after birth so I didn’t see her as much as I wanted to. I’m grateful I have beautiful pictures to remember the little while I held her in those first few moments."

As a birth photographer, and many other professionals like me, I know what shots to take. I know how to take them in low light, when the action starts, and when it slows down. I want to capture the looks on your faces as you meet your baby. I want to document the loving look you have on your faces to each other and the baby. I promise to respect your space. I promise to step back if needed. And I promise to deliver beautiful images of your baby and you.

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