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This is me!

Did you sing the title of this blog in your head? If so, then you're a true "Greatest Showman" fan, just like yours truly. See, we're already friends!

My name is Sarah Roberts. I'm a birth and family lifestyle photographer based in Utah. I love being silly, especially with others. It helps that I have three silly children, who love being silly with me. I also have a dog that I play with frequently on the floor growling like I'm a dog too. Lots of fun and craziness in our house!

{Photos by the lovely Kristine Elisabeth Photography}

I call Utah home now, but I have Montana roots and I grew to love the Midwest and its tremendous storms. I love God, my family and the mountains, in that order. I am a volunteer ESL instructor in my community, a softball player, an occasional crafter, a church goer, a photographer and serious book lover. Honestly, I have at least three books I'm reading at a time. I just can't get enough.

Here's my cute hubby. As you can see, we enjoy cuddling, dancing and laughing hysterically.

Photography is an old love of mine, having fiddled with it since high school and documenting my own family’s milestones. I recently became obsessed with birth, as I witnessed my sister give birth to my nephew. I was honored to document her c-section, which was priceless to her. Thus started my journey documenting one of life’s greatest events. Having had three children, I know how important remembering those events are and how hard it is! I wish I had pictures of the actual labor. I wish I could remember, but I just can't. Now, I can help women process their own deliveries and remind them through images what happened and when it happened and how they felt right then.

I have documented 8 births to date, but am hungry for more. It’s incredible to witness someone’s birth and an honor to be invited into the birth space. I'd love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram (@yellowkitephoto) and send me message me if you think we’re a good fit!

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