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Family Pictures {Murphy}

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

This family is just the sweetest! They have so much love for each other. It was evident in the way Shane and Katherine played with their two boys. We brought out the dinosaurs to keep both boys entertained as I snapped their pictures.

Katherine and I go way back. We were in the same Spanish class in college (good ol' BYU-Idaho) and had so much fun trying to figure out what our teacher was telling us. She's the nicest gal, and I was glad to hear when she moved to the town right next to mine. She's also a face painter and has her own business going around to events and birthday parties. I'm sure she's a blast! I have yet to use her services but I do know she is a pretty good face artist!

Shane just started up a new business called Boostly They provide a platform for online ordering, marketing, and customer feedback for restaurants. It's pretty cool and it seems to be going pretty well. Shane is just the nicest guy you'll meet and is quick to help others.

Their children are a direct reflection of who they are as people. They are just the cutest little boys who are obsessed with dinosaurs and wrestling with their dad and reading books with their mom.

The other occasion for these lifestyle family photos was to celebrate Jonah’s first birthday! He is getting to be so big and is getting better at walking and running!

This session was so fun. I was laughing the whole time watching those boys be so silly and watching mom and dad be silly with them. If you want to know what a fun family looks like, this is it.

Even though I love birth photography, family lifestyle sessions are just as fun and engaging. Contact me if you’d like to have yours done soon!

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