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Family Pictures {Franklins and Kirks}

Candy Franklin and Kristy Fox are twins. They are so close they share an anniversary and now they share a house. Even those these sisters are close, would believe that these twins got so mad that one hit the other hard enough to leave a bruise (that you can see in her wedding photos!)?

That’s exactly what happened a few days before Candy Franklin and Kristy Kirk got married to their husbands. Looks like they worked things out, because they now live all together. I’m sure it makes for crazy times with seven teenagers and lots of cats and dogs.

This last year, Candy and Kristy both shared another special experience together, along with Candy’s oldest daughter Cassie: they all received a gastric sleeve and have lost more than 200 pounds altogether! Candy has said she is so grateful for that as it is helping her live a healthier lifestyle.

Candy and Jason Franklin have been my neighbors for the past couple of years. I’ve taken their youngest daughter Jessica to school and took pictures of their son Jacob with his homecoming date. They share with me their abundance of tomatoes, and Candy does my hair. It’s pretty fun to have them as neighbors. Plus their house is decorated for Halloween early in September and it’s always fun to walk by it.

Candy and Jason didn't even meet in person before he asked her to marry him. Jason's cousin "introduced" them and they formed a relationship through email. He asked her to marry him and they saw each other for the first time two weeks later. Twenty years later and they're still going strong! #relationshipgoals

Taking their pictures was so fun. You can tell they have a close bond. Jessica kept hanging on to her dad, which I love to see! I feel like a daughter’s relationship with her dad is vital.

The Kirks have three kids and their oldest is getting ready to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So we snapped a few pictures of Avery so that they can get sent off to his leader who will approve him for service.

Wish him all the best of luck!

These cousins have the best of fun. They especially enjoy watching a comedy YouTuber and copying his unique posing skills.

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