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Easter in Nebraska

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

I spent Easter and Spring Break with my family. We had a blast! Grandparents spoiled, cousins wrestled and chased, football played and birdhouses built with uncles, and aunties doted and spoiled too. I couldn't help but make some pretty cute pictures of everyone, but the ones with my daughter with her aunt and her dog Adho, and our little beagle puppy, Milo, are my favorite.

There's just something about going back to your roots. I didn't grow up in Western Nebraska. I grew up on the eastern side of the state in Nebraska City, down in the southeast corner. Home of Arbor Day and beautiful apple orchards. But home is where your heart is, and my heart is where my parents reside. There are no straight shots to Chadron. Once you're off Interstate 25, it's back road after back road, twists and turns and minimal cell reception.

My family is very close. Three out of the four daughters were present and we packed into our parents' house with their spouses, our kids and two dogs for Easter feasting and egg decorating. It was lots of fun and lots of laughing. Going back to your roots reminds you of who you are, where your quirks come from, who your laughter and voice sounds like. I had a stranger even comment that my voice sounded exactly like my youngest sister! Family is everything to us and our ties grow even tighter the older we all get. So we made time for lots of talking, supporting and playing.

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