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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Utah Birth Photographer

Sarah Dickey wanted a home birth for both of her children. Unfortunately, she was transferred to the hospital due to some complications during the delivery of her son. This second time around, though, was completely different!

Her sister, Emily Steadman, was her doula, and everything went smoothly for a successful home birth. Emily also hosted Sarah’s baby shower, and those who attended wrote different birth affirmations on brightly colored paper. They were hung in the room that Sarah gave birth in, helping her through labor and delivery. Her birth affirmations were still hanging as I went to their home to take some Fresh 48 images of their brand new baby girl. Fresh 48 are pictures that take place in the first couple of days after birth, but are not quite newborn pictures.

During a Fresh 48, you can capture the newness of a baby, her wrinkled skin, the tiny features that easily become forgotten. Sarah wanted some pictures of her breastfeeding too, since this baby would be their last.

The love was felt so strongly for this little girl. Her 5 year old big brother was clearly enamored with her and loved to cuddle up with her and kiss her forehead. Grandma was no different and snuggled her for a bit before she took big brother home with her to give mom and dad some needed rest and recuperation with their darling baby.

I asked about Sarah's tattoo on her left arm. She explained it was her reward for meeting her breastfeeding goal with her son. She made it to 1 year of nursing him and got the tattoo. Little did she know that she would continue to breastfeed him for another 2 years!  

I loved the natural light that filtered into their living room, even on the cloudy, rain May day. We even got to see little miss open her eyes and look around. It’s always so precious being with gorgeous babies!

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