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Family Pictures {Craddock Family}

This family is such a joy! They have two beautiful children and a fun highlander golden doodle named Arlo. It was a fun session at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak, where we took pictures last time when Tiffany was pregnant with little Hadrian.

I’ve known this family for a long time. Chris was friends with my husband before either of them got married, and then we all became friends once we were all living in Utah. It’s been such a blessing to be friends with this powerhouse couple and to know sweet, perfect Layla. They are so strong in their faith and hope in God, and in Layla, whom they hope to see walking and being independent one day.

This family has gone through a lot, with years of medical mysteries plaguing their daughter. Tiffany and Chris wanted more children to join their family, but not knowing if Layla’s condition was genetic, they held off. They had test after test done to make sure. Then last January, they were blessed with a boy!

On her facebook page, Tiffany writes: “It's an indescribable feeling seeing Hadrian meet milestones that Layla never did. But this past week Layla has been making some voluntary movements with her legs, arms, and head. Most of her movement is involuntary so it's been really neat seeing her respond in ways she hasn't in a long time.”

Layla is seriously such a fighter. Fortunately, her last emergent stay in the hospital was three years ago. Doctors told them that she wouldn’t make it through the winter so they told the Craddocks to enjoy the time with her while they could. Now, she’s getting ready to start kindergarten!

For now, their lives are filled with the challenges of having an immobile older child who needs help breathing and eating and other basic things, and a mobile baby on the go who is curious and probably a future troublemaker with Arlo. But I know they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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