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Cardon baby | Fresh 48

Check out this sweet piece of heaven that I photographed recently. Her name is special: LaRue is a family name, but will go by Rue. Baby Rue is already so loved!

This was officially my first Fresh 48 session and it was so fun! I was so lucky to capture these precious first moments with Kaci and Aaron. These are friends of mine and neighbors as well! They live up the street from me and teach Sunday School to my 5 year old son. They are so great with him and his class of crazies that they are just going to rock having two kids.

We've not known each other a very long time, but Kaci is just so chill that it made being friends with her super easy! She even brought me Cafe Rio while I was visiting my husband in the hospital after surgery. She is so sweet! I even got her coming to our neighborhood book club, and she is a blast to have around!

They recently moved to my neighborhood and are both from Arizona. Her daughter is the same age as mine and is such a doll! My daughter and Afton both have blonde hair; they could almost be sisters! But now, Afton has moved up in the world and is a big sis! It's so sad I wasn't able to capture Afton meeting Rue for the first time, but apparently, she's smitten!

Lucky for them, Aaron could take off the whole month of June, when Rue was born. He’s an airplane pilot and is gone a lot, so I’m sure that month was a pretty special time for them. He is such a sweet dad. Kaci caught him singing to Rue and recorded it for all of us on social media to see. It was heart-melting!

I love that we live so close so that I can watch Rue and Afton grow up!

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