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Great Expectations Birth Center, Murray, Utah, gentle and loving birth of baby girl

A beautiful family welcomed their third daughter at Great Expectations Birth Center during an empowering birth. I was awakened in the early hours by doula Dani Reed (Mind Over Maternity) alerting me that this family was interested in the “off-call” discount I offer. I rushed to get ready for the drive up to Murray.

It was my first time photographing at a birth center. When I walked in, Rachel was laboring in the large tub, the lights were dimmed and essential oils were being diffused. In the other room was a queen bed - all such a perfect setting for a gentle birth.

As the contractions were intensifying, Rachel looked to her husband for support and he kissed her, whispered to her and assured her in what she was doing. The love between them was evident. 

Rebecca Williams, the midwife, was very hands off and allowed Rachel to be in control. Dani continually poured water over Rachel’s belly and back, as Rachel alternated positions. Although it was a solemn occasion, Rebecca made jokes to lighten the mood. She reminded Rachel of the importance of being in “the poopiest position” and Dani told Rachel to keep her noises low, mooing like a cow.

Transition came and Rachel roared and pushed out her daughter and with Rebecca’s help, pulled her baby up into her arms. After the cord stopped pulsing, dad cut the cord, and Rachel studied the vernix-covered miracle in her arms. 

The smell of baking cinnamon rolls wafted through the room as the family moved to the bed for recovery. Baby had been big but no one had guessed she was going to be over 9 lbs! 

Rachel’s expressions after delivery showed her elation, shock and awe at what she had accomplished. I felt tears come to my eyes, so amazed to be a witness to the amazing power and strength of a woman who, once again, became a mother.

Take a minute to look through some of my favorite photos from her birth.

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