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Kendall Birth Story | 3.2.18

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

The wonderful Kendall family welcomed their second baby girl in the early morning hours of March 2. After continuous prodromal labor for a couple of days, real labor kicked in early Friday morning at midnight and intensified. I got the call at 2 am (after multiple attempts from Dani - my phone didn't pick up any of them except when it finally did!) and in 10 min I jumped in the car with her and we raced to the hospital in Provo. We got there 10 minutes after Yasmeen and Kyle!

Yasmeen was a rockstar, working through each contraction gracefully. Kyle was amazing support and held her through every one of those difficult contractions. Their strength and love was evident throughout the whole experience. This awesome support team also included an experienced and loving doula, Dani of Mind Over Maternity. She was right there in every moment and offered a constant stream of words of encouragement.

They got checked in, in between contractions, then before the nurse got the IV in, contractions hit one after the other. With every wave of pain, Yasmeen would call out for Kyle, then follow up with, "I can do this, I'm doing good, I got this, I'm almost done," some in Portuguese and some in English. The nurse was amazing and let Yasmeen do her thing. Collectively I felt we were all working together: nurse, Dani, Yasmeen, Kyle, even me. I felt a sigh release from the group as each contraction ended. We were all in this together.

As Yasmeen went into transition, relief evident on her face when she was complete. "I'm done," she said, and then to Kyle, she smiled and said "She's going to be born." With renewed focus she began bearing down. Her observation to that was, "That felt nice. Oh! I'm pushing!"

Finally, Sofia was out: "Oh Kyle, she's here!"

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