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Your wedding day had some laughter, tears, and maybe some frustration. Even though it went by in a blur, those memories are preserved through precious photographs. Are those memories preserved of your children's births as well?​

As a mom of three, I know what giving birth is like and I know it's not easy remembering the tiny details. Oh how I wish I could turn back time and had those little moments recorded.

Things I wish had been captured at my births:

  • My facial expression as I met each of them

  • my husband's look of joy and wonder each time he cut the umbilical cord

  • my boys meeting their new baby sister for the first time

  • My first time nursing each child.

All of those and more are hard to recall as time dims the memory.

Now, as a birth videographer, I can capture those moments and more as they happen:

  • mom showing amazing strength as she takes on every contraction

  • dad stroking mom's skin during a break between contractions

  • their first glimpse of baby

  • mom and baby bonding during the first feeding

  • dad looking at mom with complete adoration and love 

  • dad proudly holding his tiny miracle.

  • hearing that first cry that will melt hearts over and over again.

These are moments worth saving.

So what's the special discount?
It's a one-time offer of 70% off!


{Cue our Commander in Chief: "that's yuuuuuge!"}


My birth videos will be $1,395 but only *5* applicants will pay only $420. This includes the on call time from 38 weeks to birth, 24/7 coverage of the birth to 1-2 hours after birth.


Apply now if you meet the following criteria:

  • You're due January or February 2020

  • I can use your (modest) video online for promotional purposes

  • You're willing to fill out the application

*You'll be contacted if you're chosen. Filling out an application does not guarantee you receiving this special deal*


This is a fantastic deal and is a win-win as I build my portfolio and you get to have those precious memories saved.


I hope to hear from you soon!

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