I'm the girl behind the lens. 

I'm glad you stopped by; I hope we can be friends!



To the busy mom who has so little time, thank you for stopping by.


I get it. You're running errands and dropping one kid off at preschool while trying to grocery shop with the other. Those darling kids won't stop touching you and yet you crave to be with them and away from them at the same time. You want that girls' night this weekend, and you want alone time at the same time. 


You never have enough time to do everything, much less interview birth photographers. Do you even want one?, you think to yourself.

Yes. Yes, you do. 

You want to see your fierceness and strength and power.

You want to see your husband or partner lovingly support you. 

You want to see the exact moment you lock eyes on that precious babe. 

You want to see your world changed and you transformed. 


That's where I come in.

I'm the birth photographer you never knew you needed.

I am an observer. I notice things. Ever since I was little, I could tell that I was different that way. In college I went into journalism. I loved the story-telling and documentation. 

You have a unique story to tell. Every birth is different. Yours needs to be told, and I need to tell it for you. 

Meet Sarah



I never have or never will hold a better title than "mother." 

2 boys

1 girl

1 beagle

2 medicated 
hospital births

1 unmedicated
hospital birth

(Definitely don't click here for scary birth story)

Some facts about me


I'm always on the hunt for a deal. Yard Sale season is for me like hunting season is for some people. You'll never hear me bragging about how expensive my dress was. If I can't find it second hand, it wasn't meant to be. 


I love reading. I used to get in trouble at school for reading instead of doing school work. Now I get in trouble for reading instead of doing housework. I can never win. 


I can't get enough of human interaction. I'm a true extrovert. When I'm needing to get out of the house, it's to go to Zumba, book club, or foodie club. I love my peeps! 


Now that you know a little about me, are you ready to be brave, be a bit vulnerable and maybe a bit crazy to see some beautiful work? 

Birth stories to your left, family portraits to your right. 

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