I'll document  all the moments,

so you don't miss a thing.

Life goes by too fast. Enjoy the moment.

Birth happens in a blur. 

Some rushing happens, a lot of waiting happens, and then your sweet little one you've waited 9.long.months to meet is finally here. 




These emotions spill out as you count the little fingers and toes to make sure they're all there. 

Meanwhile, I'm in the background, snapping away, filming the details big and small, for your viewing pleasure later.

You've done a lot of work, mama. Take a breather, and sit back and relax. Breath in that new baby and snuggle like your lives depended on it. 

"Enjoy every moment because it will be gone before you know it."


Sometimes we just want to stuff that maxim down Karen's throat and see how she likes them apples.


But it's true: we don't want to miss any of our kids' moments, be it at birth or at any other stage of their lives.


And it's going by Who's going to take the pictures?


Us. The moms.


Let's be honest - pictures of us with the kids are few and far between. 

That's where I come in.


Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a Parks and Rec/Office junkie, music and book lover and an occasional Pinterest-fail mom. Oh, and I love taking pictures of babies being born.

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